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Tue at 20:53
whoa, refreshed the screen, and there is a new background?
Tue at 20:53
I smell a Squid at play!
Tue at 21:00
hmmmm....coooooooooooooooould be.
Tue at 21:01
Squid......you broke the site again!!!!!!
Tue at 21:03
Thu at 18:45
The company I work for has been going through a law suit, from a sort-of-competitor who had no interest in settling for anything less than destroying my company. Yesterday the jury came back, clearing us on all charges. Which is super-good-news (albeit there will still be more legal details to hack through for a while).
Thu at 18:45
But, I’m realizing how much the whole thing had had me on edge. I’m exhausted and can barely stay awake, now that that stress has gone away.
Thu at 18:46
May not be on in the evening much for a while, as I soak up some extra sleep.
Thu at 19:04
WOW Wor. That's incredible. Sleep is good. Go for it.
Thu at 19:11
We hadn't thought they had a leg to stand on, but the judge had given them a preliminary injuction against us in January, stopping us from making, shipping, or marketing our only product. As a result we've been on a shoestring budget, did some layoffs, let contractors go, spending money on nothing.....so it has been two months on the emotional tight-rope, trying to stay focused and productive without getting too confident or too freaked out.
Thu at 19:44
Can they appeal?
Thu at 20:00
Fri at 9:59
Squid, mumble was all whacky last night. We all had to gain access thru the website and then the certificates were not matching up.
Fri at 10:00
It finally worked, but it was just so much harder than when I could just click on my desktop shortcut.
Fri at 13:48
looking at the mumble feed, there was shennanigans while Gimm was gone? Darn it, I wasn't logged in at the right times!
Fri at 13:50
sorry, not mumble--twitter. One of those new fangled thingies, lol.
Fri at 14:54
There were shenanigans. Jor forgot to change the version of the raid and the guild tried HEROIC kargath.
Fri at 14:54
They got him to 20%.
Fri at 16:03
Fri at 16:04
We are having a potluck lunch today, but not for another 30 minutes, and my desk is right beside the lunch room, so the smell from the various crock pots is making me insanely hungry!
Fri at 16:04
Fri at 16:45
Going to get some lunch.
Fri at 17:16
Fri at 19:44
And now: so hard to stay awake!
Fri at 19:45
Fri at 19:45
Fri at 19:57
And now you broke it.
Fri at 20:02
hmmm, another piece of carrot cake is oddly not making it easier to stay awake, I was sure that would help :sick:
Fri at 20:46
That's cuz you didn't share.
Fri at 23:15
hiyas SD!
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