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Wed at 20:25
A co-worker gave it to me, must be about 5 years ago, and it was not new then (he'd recently broken up, and taken the graphics card he'd bought for his partners computer with him, didn't have a use for it, so it wasn't new then). I figure it has probably run its course.
Wed at 20:25
it was a good card for its era, though, so wasn't in a rush to replace it.
Thu at 13:30
I checked last night -- Free to play (even on existing accounts) can’t use mailboxes, and I’m pretty sure that means they also can’t take part in trades. Which means no giving them gold, which means them not buying anything that costs more than a few copper. Sigh.
Thu at 13:31
So if we had team-cheapo, they could run, but probably not buy. (or at least not buy much)
Thu at 13:31
Although I did have the excitement of finding out that a level one in near complete heirlooms can have something like 40% haste. Pew-pew-pew!
Thu at 15:57
Haste will NOT keep you from being eaten. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Thu at 19:29
*munches popcorn*
Thu at 19:29
You better have brought enough for all of us, Missy.
Thu at 19:30
*hands some over* I'd mail it but it'd be kinda funky by the time it got East.
Thu at 19:30
Yeah. I'll take the virtual stuff and make the real stuff tomorrow.
Thu at 19:30
Yup. Caramel?
Thu at 19:31
Nah. I'll just drench it in real butter.
Thu at 19:31
Thu at 19:32
That's how to do it. Popcorn isn't popcorn until you negate any nutritive benefit it could've had.
Thu at 19:33
Apprehensive about DLing Windows 10. Haven't DLed Yosemite either.
Thu at 19:34
I love Yosemite.
Thu at 19:35
Noted! My excuse is I'm waiting until the bugs work themselves out.
Thu at 19:35
I was scared, but I didn't lose anything.
Thu at 19:37
I've got the additional problem of Boot Camp, and dunno how it works with that. Had some issues trying to boot into my Windows partition, though I think that's something boogered on that side.
Thu at 19:38
I am no help when it comes to that.
Thu at 19:38
You might as well be working with transporters.
Thu at 19:38
Wasn't expecting you to be. :0
Thu at 19:39
Yes you were! (she sobs uncontrolably)
Thu at 19:39
Thu at 19:39
You're not a side kick?
Thu at 19:39
...no. Just a DK.
15 hours ago
Given what DK go through, I can see being apprehensive about anything called Boot Camp...
15 hours ago
My replacement laptop should get delivered today. How can they expect me to focus on work when I could be re-re-downloading WoW and stuff?
6 hours ago
Ugh ... have time to play tonight ... battle.net won't update the game
6 hours ago
So I say bad things about it and it updates ... hmpf ...
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