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Fri at 19:13
And then things like, get 250 mounts, have sublists on where the "easy" to get mounts are, the ones I could grind to get without guild help.
Fri at 19:13
Oh crap. I haven't run Throne of the Four Winds this week. Must do that tonight.
Fri at 19:14
I honestly enjoy watching people geek out about this sort of thing, but I can’t say that I have the same drive.
Fri at 19:15
I should start farming the drop mounts. But it's more fun to randomly do invasions or dungeon runs or jump off cliffs to see if I can hit the water...
Fri at 19:15
There are mounts in Firelands and Dragon Soul, but I haven't tried soloing those raids. I would think spine in Dragon Soul would be really hard to solo.
Fri at 19:15
Enen though i want a vampire horsey.
Fri at 19:15
Have you jumped off Dalaran to hit the river or the lake?
Fri at 19:15
We used to do that as a guild event.
Fri at 19:15
(The occasional fun achieve calls to me (some day I’ll put in the time to get “You’re Doing it Wrong” and I like the ones with high chances of falling, exploding, etc), but for the most part I’m indifferent, and some of the ‘congratulations for breathing’ ones outright annoy me. And certain toons have really wanted a particular mount, but I have no use for dozens of the things)
Fri at 19:15
Once. And i've never been able to repeat it.
Fri at 19:16
Back in Wrath, it was hard. We seem to get more "air" now that we're level 100s.
Fri at 19:16
Running round the minefield in northrend for the cheevo was so much fun.
Fri at 19:16
Oh yeah. We haven't done that one in ages.
Fri at 19:16
People were getting frustrated.
Fri at 19:17
...I wonder how long it would take to die by basic campfire at 100...
Fri at 19:17
Wonder how long you'd last if you were naked........
Fri at 19:17
And getting "Death by Hogger" is really hard at level 100, doable, but hard.
Fri at 19:18
Wor - i really like the random favorite mount button now.
Fri at 19:18
For some people, we'd need to bring our hordies over to help.
Fri at 19:19
I have sort of embraced it, but I use my warforged nightmare to fly places, my ZG panther to ride and my tundra mammoth to sell. I just put what I use the most on my bars.
Fri at 19:20
I'd love a couple of buttons, one for flying and one for riding, mounts that randomizes the whole mess.
Fri at 20:21
Well, that broke up the afternoon--son showed up at the office. He'd been biking home from school, and was not far from here when one side of his handlebar sheared right off.
Fri at 20:22
He walked it up here, locked it up, and came to talk to me about it. I eventually sent him walking the rest of the way home, I'll come back with the car tonight and get his bike.
Fri at 20:23
That was a surprise.
Fri at 20:23
He didn't take a spill did he?
Fri at 20:23
Fri at 20:27
No, he was just starting up from a traffic light when it broke. Thankfully--he would have just come down a substantial hill before that light.
Fri at 20:28
Fri at 20:34
Yeah. Phew.
Fri at 21:02
well, not getting out of work just yet, but I should focus on doing so, so I can eat supper, get bike, spend time with family, and hopefully still be logged in by 8:30. See you near Orgrimar, hopefully!
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