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Tue at 16:05
Testing the tornado warning sirens.
Tue at 16:06
first Tuesday of every month at 10 a.m., unless severe weather is in the area.
Tue at 16:06
Tue at 16:07
Can you only see the selfies via twitter?
Tue at 16:09
No. Selfies are like screenshots. They go into your screenshot folder.
Tue at 16:09
At least that's where mine go.
Tue at 16:10
Ok, I'll check again. I took one of Parlim and wanted to find it but couldn't. That is even where I went looking.
Tue at 16:12
All else fails I'll brave the forums and ask them. lol
Tue at 16:15
You should have a folder inside your WOW folder with "Screenshots" title.
Tue at 16:15
I do.
Tue at 21:27
What's a transmog site other than WOWHead? I don't really like Epi's T6 belt, even if it "goes" with the set.
Tue at 21:51
I think I recall seeing something about someone's closet? (I don't really pay a ton of attention to transmog normally)
Tue at 21:52
Technically, I don't care either, but Epi started getting the T6 set and I really like the look of it. It's the set with the wings that come out of the helm; very warlock-y.
Tue at 21:53
a googling found this: Kirina's Closet http://wowrpc.waddellconsulting.com/?page_id=24
Tue at 21:53
But the belt is brown, while the rest of the set is a bright red.
Tue at 21:54
One place I've found some useful advice has actually been wowhead comments about sets (I've seen people give advice on complimentary gear, etc)
Tue at 21:57
and tada--first comment after Mists dropped suggests http://www.wowhead.com/item=30888/anetherons-noose
Tue at 21:58
(that was based on the comments here: http://www.wowhead.com/itemset=670/malefic-raiment
Tue at 22:00
Oh thanks Wor.
Tue at 22:00
Time to go home so I'll look later.
Tue at 22:01
I'm bringing Epi tonight, although I could bring Maoohm. She's got a great partial transmog. Sunwell gear would probably be an upgrade for her. LOL.
Tue at 23:07
Hey everyone, I have a dumb question...I know it's possible to mail BOA gear cross-realm, but how about other things? Gold etc? is this possible or no?
Wed at 1:10
Pets are now on a collections tab, so you can log into your other character, cage a pet, then sell it on the AH.
Wed at 1:11
You can also buy cageable pets with gold that will sell well, learn them, then log into the other character, cage them, and sell them
Wed at 1:11
You don't have to mail heirlooms anymore because of the tab in 6.1
Wed at 11:49
Wed at 15:14
Beyond those things that are account wide, Blizzard has not implemented any way to get gold or non-account-wide gear to toons of the other faction. We would love to see that happen, but they haven't implemented it and I haven't seen any signs it's being considered.
Wed at 17:05
You can mail between Llane and Arygos (or any other joined realms), but other than what Gimm and Dorelei said, you can't otherwise mail between realms (or factions)
16 hours ago
I'm not sure if I'll be on tonight, but if I am I think I'll be asking if anyone could run my Herald's toon through OS.....that seems to be where off-hands like to live, from what I can see in Wowhead.
15 hours ago
Saturday I may be late (off at parents for Supper), but will try to have Dots parked outside Ulduar to join in as quickly as I can.
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