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Wed at 20:40
So for the past few days I’ve been busily trying to get two followers who do have the right abilities to 100 (while saving them gear upgrade tokens), all while hoping that mission won’t just disappear. This morning they both hit 100 (getting me an achieve in the process), and the mission was still there.
Wed at 20:40
Only came out at a little over 80%, but worth trying. I’m eager to get logged in tonight to see if I got it or not—could save a lot of hassle in the gearing at 100, if I’m not running around with one hand still carrying an iLvl 560. (thanks to the guild, I have the heirloom weapon, which should be adequate for starting to gear up)
Wed at 20:41
The heirloom weapon from Garrosh actually goes to 620!
Wed at 20:45
Once the followers start getting to 100 you will see lots of gear pieces come thru.
Wed at 20:50
Yah, I got a fair number of pieces on Wor, but I didn't see the weapon on him, so I wasn't sure how common it was. (and of course most of it will get upgraded soon enough, it is just having reasonable gear to get started with).
Wed at 20:51
(I should re-phrase that--I did not see the weapon for Wor prior to hitting 100. Once he had a 620 weapon, I saw it come up several times.....I figured maybe it was more often as you had more, and more geared, followers)
Wed at 20:54
My RNG is so bad, ai don't think I have seen it on any of my toons that could use it. They all had better already, and I haven't been smart enough to borrow an enchanters hut to DE them. But then gold is always good, too.
Wed at 21:08
I have the hut on Wor, but thinking of dropping it for something else (I have one on an alt that I can use for BOE gear, and Wor is geared enough that he's not seeing a big flow of BOP stuff anymore.
Wed at 21:09
too bad they never helped you with gearing though :(
Thu at 19:20
The computer sales area finally starting to get better (they are always seem to be bad around Christmas, at least up here). I am almost salivating at the thought of getting a system that can play this game decently again! Just a little more patience, but I admit I’m feeling very 8 years old at the moment: I’m tired of waiting, I want the shiny NOW!
Thu at 19:24
Now an actual game question, for anyone with a level 3 barn. Do you generally solo the legendary beasts, or find a quick pairing/group and take turns trapping?
Thu at 19:25
I’m managed to solo, errr, I think it was a clefthoof, but it was a pretty slow process with much use of cooldowns. A wolf just put down damage too quickly for me to manage on Wor, at least at his current gearing (or maybe there is a mechanic I need to learn)
Thu at 19:26
Depends on gear and class... I have no issue soloing them on Tarsan, but I can only take 1 at a time... if you group up with a pal and chain pull them, each person in the group taking 1, then the shared traps go fast
Thu at 19:27
Though, its kinda hard to find 2 close enough to eachother to both get credit... because of how many people farm there
Thu at 19:46
Thu at 21:51
I guess the farming won't go down anytime soon, as there is apparently another upgrade tier on crafted gear in 6.1, needing, of course, more blood.
Thu at 21:51
(or so I saw, somewhere, last week)
8 hours ago
"As part of it, AOL is also consolidating some websites. Gaming site Joystiq and Apple news site TUAW are both being folded into Engadget,"
8 hours ago
8 hours ago
8 hours ago
" Joystiq will stay on as a separate channel at Engadget, while TUAW content will be folded into the bigger site, we understand. It’s still being decided whether the two brand names will remain."
8 hours ago
control V does a much better job of pasting stuff than does shift V
8 hours ago
Those quotes from a site called TechCrunch
3 hours ago
Well that sucks--as it says in the comments on the front page already, last day for WowInsider is Tuesday. So much history, so much information, such community..... really sad to see it killed.
3 hours ago
Yeah, I am very sad about this news. I check the site daily.
1 hour ago
I admit I'm getting very little done here at work right now. WoW insider being shut down is really getting to me. Wishing I had people I could rant to face to face who would get it.....it isn't just that practical aspects or the corporate cluelessness, it is a loss of community.
1 hour ago
Yeah, the comments on the post at WI are exploding.
1 hour ago
I bet!
1 hour ago
Yeah and on twitter as well things are crazy, i have the new get the new site up and running soon
56 mins ago
well, I'm off for the afternoon. Not sure if I'll be in game tonight or not, and am unlikely to be on the mumble call Gimm specified (I'll be doing stuff with the boy at that time), but see you around sooner or later.
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