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Fri at 20:07
I'm much worse. My highest is only 96.
Fri at 20:07
How many alts are you leveling at the same time?
Fri at 20:07
6 lol
Fri at 20:07
Lol1 I've gotten Corien to 99 and Jukyu to 92. I'll have to get my warlock to garrison level, as well.
Fri at 20:08
Tsanga has 7 or so alts at garrison level. She spends about 30 minutes just doing missions on all of them
Fri at 20:21
*sigh* are the speckles and flickers on WoW on my 'good' computer signs the graphics card is dying? Or the whole computer? I'm getting worried it will die and I'll be stuck at 10fps on simple content with the laptop until I replace it.
Fri at 20:22
Do these machines not understand there followers to keep busy and other important things they need to keep workign for?
Fri at 20:23
I have no idea.
Fri at 20:26
I don't really expect anyone to know, just typing out my thoughts.
Fri at 20:27
speckles and flickers could be a number of things. Yes a video card could be dying, but it may also be the monitor. First thing i would do is download the newest drivers for your video card and install those. If y ou have nvidia card then do a clean install (the new drivers give this as an option when you go to install them)
Fri at 20:28
If you have a second monitor that you could hook up to see if they go away, that is also a good thing to do to test it out. That is probably the easiest test, actually (but installing new drivers is always a good idea :sick: )
Fri at 21:29
Thought I was going to have a problem...I got my new iphone 6 plus and restored my old phones backup to it. Formatted my old phone to give to Tsanga.
Fri at 21:29
Just checked my authenticator....It has a brand new serial number!
Fri at 21:30
Luckily I have setup the SMS alerts on my account so I could remove an authenticator without having it. Just removed it and added the new one. (phew!)
Fri at 23:10
I just posted new info on gearing for dungeons and low level raids
3 hours ago
great info, thanks Dorelei!
3 hours ago
Well, computer crashed on me a couple of times over the weekend, but it also ran smoothly and flicker free a few times. Weird.
2 hours ago
19 mins ago
WOW...lots of people in here unless you are all figments of my imagination.
18 mins ago
Mooch can't be in here. He's at work.
16 mins ago
I'm pretty sure we are all figments of your imagination :sick:
9 mins ago
That you imagine such a cast of characters may say something about your imagination, mind you.....
8 mins ago
so before I start pruning through all of Dore's threads... has she done one with the locations of dungeons and what gear lvs drop from which ones yet?
7 mins ago
<--loiters here while at work to keep me sane-ish
6 mins ago
She has one with the enterances but no gear drops info.
5 mins ago
She has not, Tarsan. That would be a good post to add to what she's created.
5 mins ago
I only know the location of Skyreach.
5 mins ago
We know the "you can take pretty much anyone as long as you can get to the location" works because we took Fortu last night and she was 8 points shy of what the LFG tool said was needed for Skyreach.
2 mins ago
Well... i've come across a few in so far... just wasnt sure which ones were which, though I have my hunches
2 mins ago
I take that back. She has done, as Winter said, a location post. If you click on the map link, it takes you to a map with the location.
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