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Mon at 17:38
Maybe it is just me, but I find Spires of Arrak to be a kind of depressing zone. Fallen civilization that continues to fight itself, Admiral Taylor dies, and just the general colour palette.....First toon through there I thought it was just my impatience that made it seem to take so long, but with this second one I'm realizing that I just don't like being there.
Mon at 17:38
It was hilarious to run Occulus. I was getting 2 xp from killing the whelps.
Mon at 17:38
Mon at 17:38
I didn't like it at all.
Mon at 17:39
You'd only need to kill a couple of milion of them to level up, not so bad..... :sick:
Mon at 17:39
The goblin area was weird, although I liked the goblin hub.
Mon at 17:39
I didn't end up doing much of the goblin area on Wor. Will have to make sure to clear it out on Thrombombom, see what I missed.
Mon at 17:41
It kind of seems to me that the game designers get to go all out when they do gnome or goblin areas; the whole engineering thing. They have established that the devices don't always work as designed which makes the quests silly and interesting.
Mon at 17:43
Yah, and a bit of that is nice occasionally--breaks up the very serious business of saving the world/village/soup/whatever.
Mon at 17:59
I need to go get some lunch. I'll be back soon.
Mon at 18:18
Mon at 19:35
Mon at 19:40
Mon at 19:40
Mon at 19:45
Alright, final touches are done on the Mount/Pet/Gear post ... Added in WoD stuff, and fixed a small mistake I had on the Mist post... I don't think I missed anything, but its always possible... Happy Hunting all
Mon at 19:46
Thanks Tarsan.
Mon at 19:47
Gimm... If I ever bring up doing a project of this size again, stab me in the back and steal away my snacks
Mon at 19:58
Wow Tarsan--that was a lot of work, but awesomely done :sick:
Mon at 20:12
And with regards to your last comment....we get you to duel a rogue?
Mon at 20:18
He volunteered AFTER I got the mount off Nalak.
Mon at 20:18
And it wasn't so much a "volunteered" as a, "Oh yeah. I wrote that post a couple years back. I better update it" kind of thing.
Mon at 21:41
The world is coming to an end. I am all caught up.
Mon at 21:42
uh oh.
Mon at 21:42
If I'd known the world was coming to an end I would have gotten my ironing finished up yesterday.... just one of those things that I'd hate to leave unfinished, you know? :sick:
Mon at 21:42
Mon at 21:44
I'm so sorry. You won't need those pressed pants.
Mon at 21:52
So, because I'm all caught up, I'm going home early. See you online or tomorrow.
1 hour ago
After we talked yesterday about the goblin area of Spires, it popped up for Thrombombom last night. I made a point of doing a clean sweep through the quests (instead of hearthing off to check on missions, and never coming back, as I did with Wor). I hadn't realized that THIS is where you get the plans for the Salvage yard--I'd be wondering that!
1 hour ago
(I made a point of NOT reading all the guides this time around, but instead letting myself stumble through things on my own, to try and get some of the sense of discovery back)
1 hour ago
now, of course, I have to decide if I get rid of something else in order to wedge the salvage yard in. The downside of choices.....having to make choices :sick:
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