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Mon at 18:42
nah, the 2 new pets and the toy
Mon at 18:43
Same here. Pets first and if I have enough I'll get the toy.
Mon at 18:43
That's 450 treats, though. Out of a max of about 525
Mon at 18:43
Yeah.....I have more time than you do. lol
Mon at 18:44
I have a whopping 122 so far. But I am also taking lower level toons around for the xp they get gathering the candy.
Mon at 18:45
Yeah time is not abundant :(. I may stick an alt on bucket duty to get one of the items though. May be able to pull it off.
Tue at 16:44
I just need to get enough GNERDS for, ummm, Friday or whenever the GNERD RAGE event is :sick:
Tue at 16:46
Otherwise I've been using the holiday to help level alts. some still had the DMF buff, so total of +20% experience--until I go and get killed while dousing the enemy wickerman. Then I can get the hallows buff back, but not DMF. For the remaining few I must remember to go do that quest last!
21 hours ago
Okay, got Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Now have undead meezer ghost. Now need Vash'jir, Deepholm, Outland, Northrend and Pandaria. I CAN DO THIS oh thank god for master flying.
7 hours ago
What the heck...I am browsing the forums and it is randomly logging me out of the site....
7 hours ago
It did that to me too,,,,they may be updating the sites.
7 hours ago
Ok, took a while, but I got the post in! yay!
7 hours ago
Ohhh! It was my 100th post, too!
7 hours ago
6 hours ago
Not too bad healing considering I only have dps gear on the druid. lol
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
Switch to some healing gear and you'll be golden!
6 hours ago
And lots of practice.
6 hours ago
Tonight I'll turn on Advanced Combat Logging and log with that. I guess it provides additional information to the logging site.
6 hours ago
I think I like this page layout better than WoL's.
6 hours ago
Yeah, I like it better too
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
I'm feeling pretty dazed—at least two gunman made attacks downtown today.
6 hours ago
Oh wow, that's terrible.
6 hours ago
They killed a reservist who was on parade guard at the national war cenotaph, at least one got into the parliament buildings and was killed by the Sargent at Arms (not normally a combat position, more a part of the operating staff of parliament…) right outside the room where the governing party was doing its daily briefing. No word on the second one yet. Seems a bit surreal.
5 hours ago
Sons school was in lock down mode for three hours because they didn't know where the second gunman had gone, so were taking no chances.
5 hours ago
Son's, not Sons
5 hours ago
Well, maybe just one shooter....all the reports of shootings aside from what I mentioned have turned out to be false, so it might have just been the one guy.
5 hours ago
(and now I'll stop pulling the conversation so far away from Azeroth)
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