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Fri at 17:53
ok, take care, and no sampling the chocolates!
Fri at 17:56
the fight, right....reminds me I have to try to track down my microphone before tomorrow night.
Fri at 17:57
Fri at 17:59
not that I normally have a lot to say, but it might be useful. Or I could end up being on the hook for a battle-cry.
Fri at 18:25
Back. A battle cry AND a reason why you wiped the raid.
Fri at 18:30
Did you guys use the cauldrons the last time or just individual flasks?
Fri at 18:31
I used a flask.
Fri at 18:31
We didn't drop a cauldron but I guess we could.
Fri at 18:32
I was paranoid.
Fri at 18:32
I made Wrath food and flasks for Epi.
Fri at 18:33
The guide on Wowhead says to use cauldrons and that we could use cata foods.
Fri at 18:33
There is one guy in the comments that swears heirlooms will work for the achieve too.
Fri at 19:49
There. All the achievement selfie threads are up.
Fri at 19:54
Huzzah! I think that folder is all set up.
Fri at 20:28
Nice. Sorry was in a dungeon with red.
Fri at 21:10
I've had this running through my head this afternoon.... "Why do we always come here / I guess we'll never know / It's like a kind of torture / to have to watch his glow" (now watch me actually win a battle cry roll tomorrow and have to come up with something new!)
Fri at 21:11
Write it down so you can say it in mumble tomorrow.
Fri at 21:19
that is a ......."few"....selfie folders you made, Gimm. Wow!
Fri at 21:19
Fri at 21:20
1 or 2.
Fri at 21:21
I just felt that eventually, we'll have a lot of people working on the achievement and they might want to share their selfies. So Wor says, "Hey look at the selfie I took in Dalaran last night. There was a warlock who photobombed it."
Fri at 21:22
If we have just a folder with no threads, either you start a thread every time you take a selfie and things get huge or you add to a "Post your selfies here" thread and it become, like the "Did you really just say that" thread, 44 pages long.
Fri at 21:23
Yeah, it took over an hour to set up, but I think it will be better this way.
Fri at 21:23
Red took one in Firelands last night, that he put on Facebook. He could put it in the thread, maybe in the NOIBN folder.
Fri at 21:24
Where is Firelands, exactly? Isn't it like Molten Front, some alternative space?
Fri at 21:52
That is my understanding. That one of those other areas we can't really reach in the Molten Front is where we do the raid.
Fri at 22:06
Time to go home. See you later.
Fri at 22:13
Fri at 22:25
bye, and I'm out too--off to use a gift card I got for my birthday for dinner out. here steakie-steakie-steak!
3 hours ago
Algalon is a big meanie!
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