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Thu at 19:31
It is sort of empty here... I guess Gimm is at work. Wor, where are you?
Fri at 20:31
*cricket chirps*
Sat at 20:55
Just a note for anyone who passes by, The Dungeon/Raid List has finally been updated with the 6.1/6.2 changes
19 hours ago
I haven't been posting much because I'm not currently subscribed to the game.
19 hours ago
Although I should be back soon...have a new laptop coming in this week, which was the last thing I wanted in place before re-subbing. However we have passes for a most-of-two-weeks music festival starting mid-next-week, so I’ll probably wait until after that, when I’ll have a little more time around the house.
18 hours ago
I still have to finalize with myself what I want to do with the game once I’m back. Might just go level something quietly for a while, although I suppose at some point I should check out the 6.2 max level stuff, although I think I’m falling well off the gearing track, so it may be a right pain for a while. (any idea how Tanaan jungle will feel around ILvl 620 to 630? )
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All our collected information on the Pet Battle system.
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Tips, tricks, spectacular deaths and OMG! What is that!
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Links and tips on making the most of the Warlords experience
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Post all those selfies you take with the new selfie ability here.
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