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4 hours ago
4 hours ago
Okay then.
4 hours ago
Yep. lol
4 hours ago
I will delete two of them.
3 hours ago
NO NO NO....Leonary Nimoy has died.
3 hours ago
3 hours ago
Oh no.
3 hours ago
He died this morning, at home in LA, of COPD.
3 hours ago
Yah, I just saw that.
3 hours ago
There. I put a post on the front page.
3 hours ago
And Jor, Prinny and Janarr "should" be coming tomorrow night. She had connectivity issues and he had to help her with those.
3 hours ago
I know he has a hunter. I forget what she has.
3 hours ago
I'm going to go get chocolate and lunch.
3 hours ago
ok, i was reading up on "the" fight.
3 hours ago
Then I can make the selfie forum threads.
3 hours ago
ok, take care, and no sampling the chocolates!
3 hours ago
the fight, right....reminds me I have to try to track down my microphone before tomorrow night.
3 hours ago
3 hours ago
not that I normally have a lot to say, but it might be useful. Or I could end up being on the hook for a battle-cry.
3 hours ago
Back. A battle cry AND a reason why you wiped the raid.
3 hours ago
Did you guys use the cauldrons the last time or just individual flasks?
3 hours ago
I used a flask.
3 hours ago
We didn't drop a cauldron but I guess we could.
3 hours ago
I was paranoid.
3 hours ago
I made Wrath food and flasks for Epi.
3 hours ago
The guide on Wowhead says to use cauldrons and that we could use cata foods.
3 hours ago
There is one guy in the comments that swears heirlooms will work for the achieve too.
1 hour ago
There. All the achievement selfie threads are up.
1 hour ago
Huzzah! I think that folder is all set up.
37 mins ago
Nice. Sorry was in a dungeon with red.
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