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Mon at 18:42
nah, the 2 new pets and the toy
Mon at 18:43
Same here. Pets first and if I have enough I'll get the toy.
Mon at 18:43
That's 450 treats, though. Out of a max of about 525
Mon at 18:43
Yeah.....I have more time than you do. lol
Mon at 18:44
I have a whopping 122 so far. But I am also taking lower level toons around for the xp they get gathering the candy.
Mon at 18:45
Yeah time is not abundant :(. I may stick an alt on bucket duty to get one of the items though. May be able to pull it off.
Tue at 16:44
I just need to get enough GNERDS for, ummm, Friday or whenever the GNERD RAGE event is :sick:
Tue at 16:46
Otherwise I've been using the holiday to help level alts. some still had the DMF buff, so total of +20% experience--until I go and get killed while dousing the enemy wickerman. Then I can get the hallows buff back, but not DMF. For the remaining few I must remember to go do that quest last!
Wed at 2:44
Okay, got Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Now have undead meezer ghost. Now need Vash'jir, Deepholm, Outland, Northrend and Pandaria. I CAN DO THIS oh thank god for master flying.
19 hours ago
What the heck...I am browsing the forums and it is randomly logging me out of the site....
18 hours ago
It did that to me too,,,,they may be updating the sites.
18 hours ago
Ok, took a while, but I got the post in! yay!
18 hours ago
Ohhh! It was my 100th post, too!
18 hours ago
18 hours ago
Not too bad healing considering I only have dps gear on the druid. lol
18 hours ago
18 hours ago
Switch to some healing gear and you'll be golden!
18 hours ago
And lots of practice.
18 hours ago
Tonight I'll turn on Advanced Combat Logging and log with that. I guess it provides additional information to the logging site.
18 hours ago
I think I like this page layout better than WoL's.
18 hours ago
Yeah, I like it better too
18 hours ago
18 hours ago
17 hours ago
I'm feeling pretty dazed—at least two gunman made attacks downtown today.
17 hours ago
Oh wow, that's terrible.
17 hours ago
They killed a reservist who was on parade guard at the national war cenotaph, at least one got into the parliament buildings and was killed by the Sargent at Arms (not normally a combat position, more a part of the operating staff of parliament…) right outside the room where the governing party was doing its daily briefing. No word on the second one yet. Seems a bit surreal.
17 hours ago
Sons school was in lock down mode for three hours because they didn't know where the second gunman had gone, so were taking no chances.
17 hours ago
Son's, not Sons
17 hours ago
Well, maybe just one shooter....all the reports of shootings aside from what I mentioned have turned out to be false, so it might have just been the one guy.
17 hours ago
(and now I'll stop pulling the conversation so far away from Azeroth)
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