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21 hours ago
Gad. You just typed that. I'm not firing on all cylinders right now.
21 hours ago
Anything in particular wrong, Gimm? Or just one of those days....?
21 hours ago
My allergies are acting up. In chatting with clients (you should hear my voice, Wor), I'm not alone.
21 hours ago
It hit over the weekend, too. A lot of people are suffering.
21 hours ago
ah, cold type of thing?
21 hours ago
Yeah but I don't have a runny nose. If I had a runny nose, I could, perhaps, be rid of this sooner.
21 hours ago
But it does all those lovely things that colds do. i have a cough. My taste buds aren't working. "How would you like your cardboard today?"
21 hours ago
21 hours ago
yuck! even
21 hours ago
It's to get down into the 30's over the next few days and then rain. That usually washes whatever is aggravating me out of the air.
21 hours ago
I had a cold last week, but it came with the traditional over-achieving sinus marathon.
21 hours ago
so does not sound like the same issue--good to know I didn't give it to you via computer.
21 hours ago
If we don't have anyone who needs the cloak PvP tonight, will you be online Wor to "heal" on Vash? Maybe we could run UBRS and HH horde side.
21 hours ago
OH! OH! We could try to sneak up to the wickerman outside SW.
21 hours ago
that is easy-I've been doing it daily on my 50-ish mage. I have the route down to "oops, I'm on the wrong side of this fence post, I've off the best line" sort of level, lol.
21 hours ago
(although sometimes, for thematic reasons, i take the longer route through the pumpkin farm)
21 hours ago
but it would be fun to do :sick:
21 hours ago
(as a group I mean)
20 hours ago
anyway, yah, I will try very hard to be on around 9pm eastern. Might have to take a few minute break around 9:20 to get the boy to turn his light off, but otherwise I should be OK.
20 hours ago
oh, if any SD'ers were willing to meet us a bit south of the wickerman, we could put pumpkin heads on each other, for anyone needing to complete the achieve?
20 hours ago
We will be forming up to see if anyone needs PvP, so if you want to log on around 9:30, that would work.
20 hours ago
Then you aren't rushed.
20 hours ago
Oh yeah.
20 hours ago
ok, thanks
20 hours ago
anyway, I'll get on as soon as I can.
20 hours ago
There is one that I know of, but they are in Sweden. Said they were gonna set an alarm to get up for it.
20 hours ago
Oh yeah, him.
20 hours ago
We'll be over the event in 30 minutes, too.
20 hours ago
If that long.
19 hours ago
good night----at least until later this evening.
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