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Thu at 16:44
Wait...when did it get to be lunch time?
Thu at 16:45
About 40 minutes ago?
Thu at 16:53
Thu at 17:10
It was nippy outside while I was eating my sandwich (went out to buy one today, then sat in a little park nearby). Will have to start wearing a coat out at lunch soon, maybe :(
Thu at 17:11
Fall is being very insistent this year. It doesn't seem to want to wait for the solstice, just shoving its way in early.
Thu at 17:12
it's about 70 out ehre right now.. witha slight breeze and no clouds.. it's a perfect day imo rofl.. problem is we got tiny little jailhouse style windows, like not even 2 feet tall.. so can't get any of that fresh air in the office
Thu at 17:12
Yes, it does seem that way.
Thu at 17:49
It's been chilly at night here, but pleasant during the day.
21 hours ago
15 more mins, man it's been a long day
4 hours ago
g'mornin peoples
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
So did the wrath dungeons end up happening last night?
4 hours ago
Modified, yes.
4 hours ago
Dore didn't make it on until 9:30.
4 hours ago
They ran Occulus and the ICC dungeons.
4 hours ago
Ahh, ic ic.. yah i ended up logging off about 9:25, since it didn't look to be happening figured I'd take the time to get some RL stuff done. PS. Paperwork for apartments can be annoying. rofl.
30 mins ago
Thirteen items people might need to know posted to the front. And I haven't even begun to copy and paste stuff to the folder.
29 mins ago
I will read it soon........I am mining Wintergrasp at the moment. lol
28 mins ago
Oh, will 160+ fish thigies be enough, do ya think?
28 mins ago
Probably, assuming people go to Booty Bay first.
27 mins ago
I think that buff falls off if you die so that's why having the Deviate Delight is necessary. Plus, you can't control whether you're a ninja or a pirate so people might want to eat more than one to get the pirate.
26 mins ago
Wow's site said the booty bay one lasts through death. I think the one from just any town doesn't last.
24 mins ago
Okay. That will be a help.
24 mins ago
I can do some experiments. The whale shark may come in handy.
23 mins ago
yikes gimm.. now wonder u been quiet all day.. some very good info in tehre though
23 mins ago
I can see the headlines now....Adorable gnome warrior eaten by the whale shark in the name of science......lol
22 mins ago
22 mins ago
then in the next scene, said warrior walks away form a beheaded whale shark covered in gore..
21 mins ago
headline.. Adorable can still be vicious =) :evil:
21 mins ago
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