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Fri at 17:32
Fri at 17:33
that is serious compression!
Fri at 17:34
I may have everything mapped, but I still need to occasionally look at the action bars to remember that Spirit Link Totem is ‘Y’, or whatever.
Fri at 17:35
I don't think I could run with most of them fully hidden (at least not when jumping around toons a lot)
Fri at 17:35
vuhdo for click healz (shift alt etc as modifiers) 11 keys setup for keybindings + shift = 22
Fri at 17:37
Yep, I use Vuhdo, as well. I used to used Healbot, but it didn't work for Tsanga for some reason. So I installed Vuhdo and learned how to use that. It worked for Tsanga and I liked it better
Fri at 17:37
I hear people really like Cliq + Grid. I've never tried that
Fri at 17:37
me either.. i liek the extra info that vuhdo shows.. grid last i looked jsut took teh basic raid fram and pushed htem all togehter into 1 box
Fri at 17:38
that doesn't sound appealing
Fri at 17:38
I need to figure out how to get Vuhdo to show the shield on Malkorak, though. Right now mine is not
Fri at 17:38
mine shows up as a light blue bar over top of the hp bar
Fri at 17:39
it kind of defaulted to that.. shows up like any absortion shield does
Fri at 17:39
the only thing 'fancy' I do is that I have mouse scroll wheel up and down being an alternate cast on the buttons I always put my 2 most used abilities on.
Fri at 17:39
Hmm...I wonder if I turned that off when I set up my Vuhdo. I'll need to look into it.
Fri at 18:17
I'm out. I will see everyone in game tonight.
Fri at 18:18
Fri at 21:38
oh, LFRs tonight...... hrrrm the only toon I have any progress on the cloak quest on is horde, but I'll see, if I get on in time I may try and join in. In LFR I only die on Horridon and the sparkle dragon, instead of every single boss like I do in flex :p
Sun at 17:50
Sun at 17:51
Sun at 18:36
Sun at 18:36
And I'm not done.
Sun at 18:37
I'm working on mobs. Then comes the garrison and a mini scenario and finally pets.
Sun at 18:37
I took a lot of screenshots yesterday.
Sun at 18:37
Oooo wow
Sun at 18:37
I saw some of them they looked great
Sun at 18:37
I'm trying to put a cm set together for my druid - luckily I saved a bunch of my tot gear
Sun at 18:40
but if we need dps I can also go on Dore. I have more utility as a frost mage than a boomkin
Sun at 19:01
Mobs is done for your reading pleasure. On to the garrison and a scenario.
Sun at 19:25
Sun at 21:05
OK! I have my mage ready for tonight. Druid is mostly set up. Still has some regular gear, etc on.
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